Canon Pixma MG2922 Wireless Setup

Canon Pixma MG2922 Wireless Setup

Canon printers have undoubtedly held an important position in the printing industry since their introduction due to their excellent features. These printers have worked hard to maintain their trust  and  never let them down. In addition, Canon’s high-tech printers simplify the printing process, and more and more people are using them for personal or business purposes. Since we live in an age of advanced technology, Canon printers have developed wireless printers that do a great job for people. If you have a Canon wireless printer such as the Canon Pixma mg 2922, you’ll need to know how to connect  to the Internet. But if not, don’t worry. This article will show you how to quickly connect your  Canon mg2922 wireless printer to Wi-Fi on Windows and Mac. So let’s get this party started!

1. Canon Pixma MG2922 Wireless Setup

Below are the steps to set up the Canon Pixma MG2922 wireless printer using the WPS method.

Step 1: Turn on your Canon printer and press the Wi-Fi button on the top of the device. Wait for the lights to start blinking before releasing the Wi-Fi button.

Step 2: Then check  if the lamp has a blue indicator. If you don’t see the blue light, restart your printer.

Step 3: The final step is to find an access point and press her WPS button within the next two minutes.

Step 4: You should  see a flashing blue light  indicating that WPS is trying to connect to your router device. Once connected, the light stabilizes.

Step 5: After completing the connection process, insert A4 size paper into the tray, check the status of the wireless connection, and then make a soft copy.

Step 6: Then select the document you want to print and  press Ctrl+P on your keyboard or click  the Print button.

2. How do I connect my Canon Pixma Mg2922 printer to WiFi? (Windows installation)

As mentioned above, the Canon Pixma mg2922 is a wireless printer, making printing easier than ever. If you have a Canon Pixma mg2922, you can print from anywhere, whether at the office or at home, using your smartphone, laptop, or other device. Follow the steps below to connect your printer to Wi-Fi in Windows correctly and in the order  listed.

– Duplicate setup to set up the printer correctly for the first time.

– Turn on the printer and start the Canon Pixma MG2922 Wireless for Windows setup.

– Press and hold the wireless button  until the yellow alarm light flashes.

-Press his WPS button on the router while the yellow alarm light is flashing.

– If the wireless light is on, the printer is successfully connected to the wireless network.

– Start your computer and insert the Canon Pixma MG2922 printer installation disc.

– If you do not have the installation CD, go to the  official website of your printer and download the printer driver. For information on how to connect your Canon, download the printer driver from your Canon printer manufacturer’s website.

– Follow the steps below to install the printer driver on your Windows computer.

– On your Windows computer, open the downloaded Canon Pixma MG2922 driver.

– Click Next on the  first screen of the installer.

-After selecting access point connection as the connection method, click the [Next] button.

– Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

– To get the Printhead Alignment page, align the printheads and click the Run button.

– At the Setup Complete screen, click the Next button.

– After the installation is complete, print a test page on your printer. Follow the steps above to connect your Canon Pixma MG2922 to WiFi.

3. How do I connect my Pixma Mg2922 to WiFi? (Setup on  Mac) 

Set up the  Pixma MG2922 printer wirelessly.

– The next step is to power up your wireless router. So again press and hold the Wireless button on the  printer until it flashes bright orange.

– Now press her WPS button on the router. This will allow the printer’s blinking light to stabilize, indicating that the printer is connected to the wireless network.

– Install the printer driver on your Mac  to connect your Canon mg2922 printer to your wireless network.

– After downloading the printer driver, open the file and click the Setup button.

– A screen appears with a field where you must enter your login password. Click the Install Utilities button.

– Go to the printer connection method page on the screen and select “Wireless LAN connection”.

– Don’t forget to turn on your Canon mg2922 Pixma printer while the installation is going on.

– Next, select your Canon printer from the list of networks displayed.

– Make sure the  printer is working after the installation is complete.

Canon’s mg2922 Pixma printer is one of the best wireless printers the company has ever released. The convenience of printing activities that these printers offer has made them the preferred printers among users. I’ve done my best to show you how to set up your Canon mg2922 printer wirelessly on Windows and Mac and quickly connect your printer to the internet.